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    Erede 2015: Outstanding participation of the President of Masvida Companies, Dr. Claudio Santander

    Regions for the world, Building companies together, Trust to grow, Chile can still win, were the central themes of the Businessmen meeting Erede 2015. The Meeting was attended by the Minister of Finance, Rodrigo Valdés, Sebastián Piñera, Isabel Allende, Hernán Larraín and Eduardo Bitrán and with the participation of Chairman of Masvida, Dr. Claudio Santander,… Read more »

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    New agreement between Masvida Companies and Pharmacies Cruz Verde

    With the signing of an agreement that will provide from this month of new and unique benefits of the drugstore chain to all members of Isapre Masvida, start is given to a long-term alliance that seeks to provide better health solutions for Chilean. As of August 3, all members of Isapre Masvida can access preferential… Read more »


    Masvida build urges healthcare reform under a mixed system of assurance

    A call to build a sustainable health reform in the pillar of a mixed system of insurance and providers focused on solving the timely care Chileans need did President Business Masvida. Dr. Claudio Santander Kelly as part of his presentation at the 5th International Meeting of Health Hospital Expo 2015. Dr. Santander participated in a… Read more »

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    New Medical Specialties Center opens at University Hospital in Puerto Montt

    As a new impulse to care for Puerto Montt and the region of Los Lagos, was rated the inauguration of the new center of medical specialties at the University Hospital which is part of the Clinical MV network. It is a new six-storey building and more than 3 thousand square meters, which since last week… Read more »

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    Delivery distinction from Cardiovascular Center to Dr. Claudio Santander

    As part of the celebration of 40 years of heart surgery in Concepcion, the Cardiovascular Center at Guillermo Grant Benavente Hospital paid homage to academic and former academic of the  University of Concepción School of Medicine, who were pillars in establishing such surgeries and commissioning of the unit. One of those honored was Dr. Claudio… Read more »

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    Clinical MV Santiago partners know the Group’s projects

    As a way to link MV Clinical physicians in their role as shareholders with the progress and development projects of the company and the group of Masvida companies, an informative meeting that was also attended by the board of this society was held in Santiago network manager holding clinics. At the meeting, the president of… Read more »